Terms, advice, product and product producer for your specific needs. An administration fee is also charged for the activity involved in the placing and renewal of the policy and also any alterations that take place during the policy period. A scale of our fees is under noted. We are also remunerated by commission received from the product producers for the work involved in placing an order and finalising the product with them, on your behalf. This commission can range from 5% to 25%, depending on the complexity of the product. You can pay by agreed fee only if you desire.

Our fee scale for Personal Insurances and Commercial Insurances will not exceed 20% of the premium charged by insurers.

We reserve the right to amend these fees, should the complexity of the product require a higher fee. We will confirm and agree this fee with you prior to any increased charge being applied.

A fee of €20.00 will be charged for all duplicate documentation.

For certain type of complex works, such as sub-contractors registers, we reserve the right to agree a separate fee with you in advance.

On settlement of your account, we will forward to you all documents showing ownership of your policy i.e. Motor Certificate & Disc and Policy Schedules. Where a series of transactions are involved, we will normally hold each document until the series is complete and then forward them to you.

Credit Intermediary:

As a credit intermediary we may be remunerated by the premium/credit finance provider on arranging this finance on your behalf.

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